A Peak into O-week 2014

A Peak into O-week 2014

Smuts Hall has had a top intake of first years this year: a group that are very keen to get involved and participate. Event attendance was outstanding with over 70 signups for our iron man O-week package! This must largely be credited to the O-week Sub-committee for their tireless effort in the preparation of the events.


Highlights of O-week 2014

  • O-week Induction Manual – The induction manual was an absolute hit this year. Designed and driven by Fuaad Coovadia and Keith Mkhwanazi, it was filled with some classic Smuts advice and humour.
  • MZOLI’S – Our premier event was once again a huge success as Smutsmen tackled the Gugulethu shebeen scene with real gusto. A few Smutsmen also quite enjoyed the Economic Freedom Fighters stand, located just down the road.
    O-week 2014


  • Kirstenbosch Concert – A quiet Sunday evening Civil Twilight concert at the beautiful Kirstenbosch Gardens was the ideal recovery after a hard week of jolling.
  • Paintball – There’s no better way to bond than running around trying to inflict as much pain on each other as possible. This year the testosterone levels shot through the roof as guys decided to play with as little clothing as possible.
  • Valentines Dinner – The Valentines dinner turned out to be one of our best events of the week. The classic awkwardness was soothed by the Smuts band – who gave some exceptional performances.
O-week 2014

Kirstenbosch Gardens


Much hard-work and preparation went into producing two brilliant weeks that served to instill the Smuts ethos in the first years. O-Week may be over but a Smutsman never forgets his ‘other profession’.

“Like other parties of the kind, it was first silent, then talky, then argumentative, then disputatious, then unintelligible, then altogethery, then inarticulate, and then drunk” – Lord Byron

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