Residences at the University of Cape Town are governed by a number of different parties all working together. Each residence has a warden responsible for the well-being of the students. To assist the warden in the day to day management of students a team of subwardens is appointed each year from among the senior students in residence – in Smuts Hall four subwardens are appointed each year.

An annually elected House Committee is responsible for organising the activities of the House, managing the House budget and representing the House within the university’s governance structures. The House Committee elects a head student and portfolio responsibilities are allocated among the committee members. As per the Smuts Hall Constitution, nine students are elected to the House Committee each year.

UCT’s Department of Student Housing and Residence Life (SHRL) is responsible for the admission of Freshmen students, the administration of students and maintaining residence buildings. To ensure residences are well run SHRL appoint a Residence Facilities Officer (RFO) and Front Desk Assistant (FDA) to, respectively, oversee the day to day running of the residence and to manage the reception area during working hours.

Together the warden, subwardens, head student, RFO and FDA form the Residence Management Team (RMT).

UCT’s General Rules and Policies book lays out the respective responsibilities of the different parties as well as the rules and policies governing students in residence.

In addition Smuts Hall is governed by a constitution adopted by the House to manage aspects of residence life specific to Smuts Hall such as room allocations, House Committee elections and disciplinary procedures.