The Residence Management Team, RMT, consists of permanent staff and student staff. The permanent staff comprise of our Warden, Residence Facilities Officer (RFO) and Front Desk Assistant (FDA). While the student staff comprise of the Sub-Wardens and the Head student Receptionist. The RMT oversee the daily management of the residence. They make up the highest form of resident management. Members of the RMT are separate from House Committee. The House Committee being a group of elected students whose responsibilities are not managerial nor disciplinary.

The chair of weekly Monday RMT meetings is the warden. The role of secretary of these meetings is fulfilled by one of the Sub-Wardens. Each member of the RMT fulfils a specific function or portfolio. These are displayed within the various subsections of RMT. For instance one of the Sub-Wardens is in charge of car parking allocation. In these weekly Monday meetings members discuss and report on their portfolio to keep all other members of the RMT informed. The RMT structure within Smuts Hall is very competent.

The Residence Facilities Officer (FRO) plays a key role in the RMT structure. The FRO overseas the residence building, its maintenance and improvement. The role of the RFO is thus to facilitate the other structures. This being distinct from the role of the Warden who serves as the head of student affairs (such as wellbeing and development) within the residence. The Front Desk Assistant (FDA) runs the reception area. Maintenance problems can be reported to the Front Desk Assistant. Announcements as well as mail are also the responsibility of the FDA.

The segmentation of each member’s responsibility within the RMT means that matters of a particular concern are best addressed with the person who heads up that concern. For instance, a matter or concern of room allocation should be brought to the attention of the Sub-Warden in charge of that portfolio. The RMT structure is overarching of each of these portfolios.