As Smuts Hall student representatives of both the Warden and the Residence Facilities Officer, the Sub-Wardens’ fundamental roles are those of administrating, controlling and managing the residence after normal working hours (weekends and 16:00 – 08:00 during the week), and in the absence of the aforementioned staff members. In addition to their basic managerial roles, each Sub-Warden also manages a portfolio that is vital to the functioning of the residence.

These portfolios are allocated amongst the Sub-Wardens based on the strengths, experiences, desires, and visions of the Sub-Warden team’s individuals, so as to achieve the most effective and efficient team possible.

As the most senior student leaders within the residence, the Smuts Sub-Wardens are called on by the general Smutsmen in far more ways than simply that of their official position. Looked on as leaders, mentors, tutors, friends and, in many ways, “big brothers”, the Sub-Wardens are called on for their guidance and experience with respect to the more junior students’ university, residence and personal lives. Close bonds of friendship are often formed between the Sub-Wardens and the students, helping to bond Smuts together as a tightly-knit family unit.

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