Smuts EmblemThe quest for a House badge was an entertaining one. Warden Professor Theo le Roux offered a prize of one Guinea for a design which was in circulation by 1942.

Its heraldry is handsome but its description is not quite as noble.

The Lion Rampant refers to the plaster work at the entrance of Randall’s Hotel in Rondebosch. It was the motif of Lion Beer on scores of outlets designed by architect John Parker to boost the monopoly of his Newlands-based client Ohlsson’s Cape Breweries, progenitor of the giant international SAB Miller.

Randall’s, also known as Alf’s and later the Pig and Whistle, at the corner of Main and Highstead ceased to exist in the 1980’s.

The green background of the shield represents the rugby fields and the diagonal in University blues is the route between Smuts and The Pig  – the broad straight and sober trip there and the staggered chevron, is the return to Res.