Since its inception, Smuts Hall has been known to produce some of the country’s sharpest minds and innovators; a notable alumni by the name of Mark Shuttleworth is one of many great thinkers who has passed through Smuts Hall. A strong emphasis is placed on academic achievement and each Smutsman is encouraged to aim for his full potential in his studies.

Upper campus is generally privy to less noise than lower campus and Smuts Hall is also situated far closer to the library and other academic facilities than other residences. This lends to an environment that is most conducive to studying and enables Smutsmen to work late hours in the library without the hassle of waiting to catch a Jammie Shuttle back home afterwards. Smutsmen are also able to study in their rooms at the spacious old oak desks provided in each room. During exams, silent hours are strictly enforced in the residence to ensure that Smutsmen are not disturbed while studying.

The House Committee of 2015 took it upon themselves to design and furnish an Academic room within Smuts that serves as an alternative study space to the library. Access is exclusively available to Smutsmen and it is equipped with comfortable chairs and desks.