Smuts Hall places emphasis on leading a holistic life and as such we value culture very highly. With two main annual cultural events, we look to encourage Smutsmen to become involved wherever possible and further (or discover!) their passion for the arts.

Smuller’s Got Talent is an annual talent show in which the best performers from Smuts and Fuller Hall showcase their incredible talent to a live audience. Competition is always fierce s best you bring your A-game!

Res4Res is an incredible inter-residence drama festival of the highest order in which each UCT residence puts on a production in accordance with an overarching theme. In 2015, the Smuts Hall production “Horrible Periods of Sanity” was nominated for 8 awards of which we won 3 including Best Production!

Smuts Hall also brings together its top musicians into an impressive Band who perform at various events throughout the year and always put on a brilliant show.