High Tables aim to contribute to the holistic university experience that all students should leave university with at the end of their degrees. At each event, a guest speaker is invited to address both the Smutsmen and the ladies from Fuller. The aim is to have a diverse group of speakers throughout the year, who are prominent in their respective fields.

These events are not possible without a highly dedicated sub-committee. Their work is always done when no one is watching, but their impact is felt by all in attendance at the events.

Below is an article written about a 2015 High Table:

High Tables Coming in Hot! – By Geoffrey Forbes

On the hottest Cape Town day in over 100 years, Smutsmen of H, I and O Flat saw this year’s High Tables calendar hit the ground running.

The wonderful women of Fuller, the magnificent men of Smuts and the special guests alike, brought their top-drawer-style to the event, which was kicked off with drinks and snacks on the balcony, overlooking the glimmering city lights and the shimmering setting sun.

After the traditional mingling between guests (Including 3 current Wardens, 2 Deloitte representatives and the Smuts and Fuller House Committees, amongst others.) and the thorough enjoyment of some live music performed by some of our very own; came the engaging talk by our guest speaker: Nomfundo Dlangisa. Thereafter followed a somewhat uncharacteristically delicious meal in the dining hall which, thanks to Deloitte, boasted vastly upgraded décor, further elevating the event’s elegance.

Ms. Dlangisa, a recent UCT graduate, is a phenomenally successful young entrepreneur who, at just 22, has started, ran and sold a modest plethora of businesses. Some of her claims to fame include being invited to a prestigious Australian conference designed to identify and support brilliant ideas, and attending a Young Women Leadership Summit in Mexico, having been only one of four women to represent our continent. She now focuses on the upliftment of communities through her organisation which uses the youth as a catalyst for good-doing in local communities around the country.

Nomfundo’s message was clear: You are the only individual capable of determining whether or not you are successful. Starting with her inspiring story of overcoming her father’s severe illness and how she harnessed feelings to catapult her towards success; her speech packed a powerfully emotive punch. She advised that students who find themselves bounded by their academic success, break free from the boxes that they have been put into, and find who they are and what they are uniquely good at. Defining your personal brand of success based on what you value was central to her message; encouraging young people to measure themselves not against others, but themselves. She challenged the audience to not be made jealous by the success of others; directing a question at Sub-Warden Brendan Pike: “When your friend buys a new car, why are you jealous?” – To which he responded “I don’t have friends who buy new cars…” which was met with giggles all around. Quickly bringing the crowd back to her message, Nomfundo ended by reinforcing how crucial it is to build one’s own perception of success as “No one will ever know just how far you’ve come, as well as you do.”

All in all, the first High Tables set the tone (And the bar!) for Smuts events still to come, with many exciting prospects on the horizon. Until then, we wait anxiously.