All rooms in Smuts Hall are equipped with high-speed Ethernet ports and an Ethernet cable is provided upon sign-in to Smuts. That being said, one of the great luxuries of living in Smuts Hall is the availability of far reaching and powerful Wi-Fi connectivity throughout the residence. Over your time at Smuts you will find yourself becoming increasingly fond of and reliant of our beloved EduRoam network.

Connecting to Wi-Fi:

Once you have gotten a student card and registered officially with the university you will have access to EduRoam 24/7. Your username will be your UCT student number with the university domain name e.g. Your password will be a self-created one, chosen during an IT orientation session in O-Week, and will be the same as your password for Vula and PeopleSoft.

Should you require IT assistance, please free to visit the UCT ICTS page.