Mentorship is a core pillar of both Smuts Hall and UCT’s mission. It is our strong belief that there are few better ways to encourage personal development and growth than through personalised and intimate engagement with an experienced and caring mentor.

At Smuts Hall each and every first year is assigned a hand-picked mentor within a week of their arrival. Lead by a handful of Senior Mentors, selected by the Sub-Warden in charge of Mentorship, our mentors are all senior Smutsmen who have vast experience in navigating the turbulent terrain of life away from home and have attended UCT-endorsed mentorship training. Over the course of the year (and often beyond) the mentors are there to monitor and stimulate their mentees’ growth as well as ensure their general wellbeing. On a more informal level, Mentors are the perfect people to seek advice from, whether it be personal, academic or otherwise.

Starting in Orientation Week and extending into the year, first years can expect to engage with their mentors through activities like Mentor-Mentee hikes in order to establish close relationships from the outset of the year and lasting friendships, not just with their mentors, but with each other as well.