Smuts Hall Initiatives

Part of what makes Smuts Hall so unique is its ongoing commitment to inspire and facilitate the actions of its students. Through this commitment, Smuts Hall, led by student initiatives, is able to integrate with the local community more effectively.

One of these initiatives is the Smuts Hall Outreach programme that has proven to be an integral part of Smuts tradition. The Smuts Outreach programme is a set of student initiatives that aims to work with the local community to develop and sustain a improved quality of life.

Through the dedication of time and resources; Smuts aims to make an ongoing commitment to the community that will not only provide initial benefits, but will create an opportunity for longer term sustainable development.

Project Khensani

Project Khensani is a Smuts Fellow initiative, orchestrated by the House Committee and supported by the student body. The purpose of the initiative is to provide a tangible token of the students’ appreciation for the hard work and commitment that the Smuts Hall staff have shown in continuing to sustain a high quality living experience within Smuts Hall.

Initially these hampers were presented only to Smuts Hall’s cleaning and maintenance staff. However, as the Outreach Programme has developed through the initiative of successive House Committees, the scale of Project Khensani has grown, further catering to the Fuller Hall kitchen and dining hall staff. These hampers are presented at a handover braai towards the end of the year, where both Smuts Hall staff and students come together to celebrate a successful year.

In 2016, Smuts Hall is looking to establish a long-term sustainable Outreach initiative whereby Sutsmen will become Mentors to children from impoverished areas, looking to lead them in the right direction, both academically and otherwise.