Smuts Hall prides itself in being the premier men’s residence at UCT and our sporting prowess is no exception: we strive for excellence in all that we do.

Smuts Sport can be divided simply into inter-residence and intra-residence sport. At an inter-residence level we compete in five sports, namely: soccer, rugby, hockey, basketball and chess. In their respective leagues, each team typically plays a match once a week with the exception of chess where we enter into a knock-out competition once a year. Practices vary from sport to sport, but tend to happen once or twice a week throughout the season.

In recent years, our Rugby Team was runner-up in 2013, our Hockey Team was runner-up for 2014, and our Soccer Team (Known as Zamalek FC) were crowned champions after an impressive unbeaten 2015 season. The chess team has also featured prominently, bringing home the winners’ trophy in 2014.

On the intra-residence sport front there are two highly anticipated annual events run by the Sports Representative on the House Committee. The first is the Inter Flat Indoor Soccer tournament, run in the Sports Centre over the course of one day (usually a public holiday) where each flat battles it out for the title of Inter Flat Soccer Champions in a series of high-intensity, action-packed matches! The second is the Smuts Dash: A legendary race starting at Fuller, going across the parking lot into Smuts and then all around the inside of the magnificent building, in search of the all-around fastest man in Smuts. Spectatorship tends to be impressive for both the aforementioned events, creating a dramatic atmosphere and setting the scene for some epic athletic performances.

Regardless of whether you are an athlete, or more suited to being a supporter, Smuts sport has a spot for you.