The George is Smuts Hall’s cherished sanctuary of alcoholic beverage consumption and jovial banter among the lads. In other words, it’s a bar. It was named after Professor George Menzies who was the warden of Smuts Hall for 21 years and the venue has been enjoyed by Smutsmen since 1970.

Having been recently renovated in 2014, The George is a place where Smutsmen can go for a game of pool and foosball, to watch sports on television or just for a casual beer from Wednesday to Friday nights.

The annual George opening is a momentous occasion which is greatly anticipated by UCT students campus wide; droves of students from all residences descend upon Smuts Hall for a party and to experience just one night of the magic that is, The George. Once the night is over, they leave and mourn for the lack of such a wondrous place in their own residences while Smutsmen enjoy The George all year long.