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Smuts Hall Alumni Community

Smuts Hall has a proud heritage of successful, interesting, sometimes bizarre, meaningful and leading alumni the world over. The Smuts Hall Alumni Association seeks to keep them connected, share news of friends and play a positive role in the life of the current residence.

Since 1928 former residents have been leaving their mark on Cape Town, South Africa and the world (and Space – thanks Mr M. Shuttleworth ’94-’96).

Great celebrations were held for the 50th and 75th anniversaries in 1978 and 2003 respectively. During the 50th anniversary celebrations the Jubilee Trust was created which continues to award the annual Jubilee Fellowship to a deserving senior Smutsman.

In 2008, on the back of 80th anniversary celebrations where Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu and Hon. Judge Pat Tebutt (’40-’44) addressed the Smutsmen of the time, the Smuts Hall Alumni Association (SHAA) was formed.

Since then SHAA has grown and developed as extraordinary voluntary contributions have been made by willing Smutsmen. To date (early 2013), SHAA has hosted two alumni functions in London and Johannesburg, seven in Cape Town, initiated the Smuts Hall Annual Lecture, organised three years of the Smuts Hall-Neville Isdell Leadership Camp and least excitingly, but most importantly made huge leaps in laying the base for the future of SHAA by developing a database and this latest website.

Currently SHAA is run by a committee of twelve with over twenty other involved in sub-committees. In 2012 a milestone was reached in the life of SHAA at the Cape Town Annual Alumni Dinner when an interim constitution was adopted by those present as means to take SHAA forward.

Looking ahead, SHAA has much to offer as networking vehicle for Smuts alumni; a conduit for young men to connect with internships, holiday work, job opportunities and role models; and as important pillar in ensuring that Smuts Hall Residence remains a thriving environment where talented young men have the opportunity to grow themsleves – converting their potential and privilege into globally minded individuals, confident of how they will contribute meaningfully to a better society for all.


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