Neville IsdellThe Neville Isdell Leadership Camp is an annual weekend away that takes place shortly after O-Week with the aim of ensuring full integration of the diverse number of students entering Smuts Hall. The camp program is also designed to aid students in their ability to recognize and further utilize their teamwork and leadership skills. Every year sees a new set of exciting speakers and activities that are bound to leave a lasting impact on a Freshman’s life and bond him to his fellow Smutsmen.

The course is run by trained professionals at the Back 2 Basics campsite and the leaders will communicate and engage with students on a group and personal level. Activities include:

  • Raft building
  • Paintball
  • Obstacle courses
  • Mind games
  • Free time to relax and talk to your new brothers for life

Here are some wise words about the camp, written by Aydn Parrot.


This is Not a Camp

We are Not Selling a Camp


Dear Smutsmen,

You are paying R300

But it is not for a camp

You are paying R300 but it is not for the weekend

It is not for the food

It isn’t even for the activities

You are paying R300 for a lifetime

A lifetime of a family, a fraternity and people

People who will be there for you at all times be they good or bad

A brotherhood that will support you and be there

Through that job interview

When you need a financier

When you need a project to finance

When you need a partner for life

When times are tough and you need a rock to stand on

That family will give you a mountain

You are paying to learn from the best

You are paying to learn with the best

One day you will realise that as a student you have an abundance of time

This opportunity may never come again; there may never be the time ever again

So if not now, then when?

Explore, experience and embed yourself

In the life, living and opportunities that our family offers

Pay R300 for limitless return. . . Limitless

Be part of this Brotherhood

Be part of a community of excellence

One weekend for a lifetime of opportunity

Brilliance Through Brotherhood


After all, “Once a Smutsmen, Always a Smutsmen”



Aydn Parrott

                   Sub Warden 2015 & Die Hard Smutsman